Is 2015 the Year of Dragon Ball?

Dragon Ball's chugging along stronger than ever.

How much Son Goku can one year stand? We're about to find out here in 2015, because Japan is going absolutely Dragon Ball crazy again and we're getting most of what's being released over there.

So far the biggest Dragon Ball-related release we've seen in the West has been Dragon Ball Xenoverse, the 3D fighter with an online hub world and customizable characters. While an amazing game for fans, this is perhaps not the biggest treat Dragon Ball fans are going to see.

The newest movie, Resurrection of "F", has been completely hyped up due to the focus on Frieza. A subtitled premiere was shown in Los Angeles last week, and this summer we will be getting a full theatrical release for the dubbed version of the movie.

Considering we finally got an official release for Battle of Gods in late 2014, this is just massive overload for any Dragon Ball fan. Two movies released in English in less than a year? You're killing me!

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods was a worthy addition to the franchise, and Resurrection of "F" looks just as good (albeit more dramatic).

Dragon Ball Super

But both Xenoverse and the new movies pale in hype in comparison to the upcoming television show Dragon Ball Super, the first brand new show in the series since GT in 1996. Not only that, but Akira Toriyama is back on board and is working on the story and characters for the new TV series -- which means this won't be a GT 2.0.

Dragon Ball Super will begin a few months after the Majin Buu arc of Dragon Ball Z and will be airing in Japan this July. Hopefully we will be seeing a timely English release while the hype thanks to Xenoverse and the movies is still strong.

2015 marks the biggest year for the Dragon Ball series in nearly 20 years. With 19 movies under its moniker, a slew of games, and four anime series this far (not counting Super), Dragon Ball seems to be as strong as ever. Here's to hoping Super is good and runs long enough to stick in fans' collective memories.

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Published May. 1st 2015
  • Curtis Dillon
    Yeah, I am super excited for all things Dragon Ball! Pun intended! I enjoy the movies but they feel like spin-offs, whereas the new show is what really excites me. I hope it's in the same vein as Z. I am confused however, as to why Goku's chest logo has changed?

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