Where to Get Magatama in Ghostwire Tokyo

Magatama in Ghostwire is one of the most important resources, but tracking it down isn't so simple.

Magatama in Ghostwire Tokyo is a rare resource used for unlocking certain branches of your skill tree. There’s also a trophy for collecting all Magatama, though it takes a lot of work and several hundred thousand Meika spent at the Nekomatas' heirloom shops.

Even if you're not interested in the trophy, it's worth gathering Magatama to unlock some of the best skills in the game.

How To Get Magatama in Ghostwire Tokyo

Nearly every Magatama comes from completing yokai hunt side quests. These are missions that task you with sealing, defeating, rescuing, helping, or following – or a combination of all those – specific yokai.

It’s usually to help a lone spirit, human or otherwise, ease their burden and move on, so there’s narrative value in pursuing these quests along with the more practical value of getting Magatama.

All Magatama Quests in Ghostwire Tokyo

Most of these quests unlock after cleansing a nearby torii gate, so if they don’t show up on your map right away, that’s why. These are all the ones we've found so far.


  • Unlocks by: Cleansing Namita Shrine


  • Unlocks by: Completing the Maze of Death story mission

Ittan Momen

  • Unlocks by: Completing Maze of Death story mission


  • Unlocks by: Completing Caves of Steel story mission


  • Unlocks by: Cleansing Shiroyama Shrine


  • Unlocks by: Cleansing Utagawa Shopping District


  • Unlocks by: Cleansing Utagawa Shopping District


  • Obtained automatically during three side quests and one main quest: Pillar of Light, Nesting Evil, The Voice in the Wall, A Passage Beyond 
  • Rewards: 4 Magatama total


  • Unlocks by: Completing Agony main story quest

The remaining three Magatama come from three separate Nekomata stalls in different parts of the city.

  • Tatsui Shrine - Archaeology Nekomata
  • Hirokawa Shrine - Nostaglic Nekomata
  • Yashin Shrine - Artsy Nekomata

Each costs 130,000 Meika, so you'll need to farm plenty of it if you want the full set of Magatama.

That's all you need to know about how to get Magatama in Ghostwire Tokyo, but make sure to check out our other Ghostwire Tokyo guides for more tips and tricks .


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Published Mar. 30th 2022

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