CounterSpy Guide: How to Be An Ace Spy (Pro Tips)

Do you still not have what it takes to maintain world peace? Have neanderthal goons got you down? Have we got a training course for you then!

Hello, fellow agents. Chances are, if you read my dossier on why CounterSpy is a fantastic game, you've probably downloaded it. If you also read my Basics guide then you feel you're ready to take on anything. Well hold it right there agent! Because there are still a few more tricks up my sleeve that will save your neck and other various body parts from being punctured by bullets.

1. Up, Down, and Stay Away!

You see, hidden throughout many of the military bases for both factions, there are convenient vents and catwalks. Sometimes they'll be hidden out of view, blocked by some boxes or a non-interactive vent in the foreground. The secret is to look for yellow when scouting out a vent ledge, and to walk up against walls until you see the triangle icon. Often, even if you can't find a way past the guards, you will find something valuable.

Additional Intel: Elevators lead to sub-levels, which almost always have a small vent you can stick your spindly, black suited body through.

2. Loud Weapons All Have a Silenced Variant

Yes, even the grenade launcher! Although the explosions are far from silent... try to bear this in mind as it may be worth your while to save up and buy the silenced versions. They have a minor decreases in damage output and ammo count, but nothing drastic. So when unlocking new guns, be sure you pick the right ones for the job.

Additional Intel: All unique guns like the Sandman and Persuader dart guns are all silenced as well.

3. Mind Over Muscle

The military grunts you'll be fighting are not very clever, agent. In fact, their new standard issue hats are so tight around their skulls, it has cut off vital blood flow to their brains. This works to your benefit, as it allows you to trick them.

For instance, if one guard spots you before becoming alerted, and you crouch behind cover, you can still knock him out as he approaches. If any of his fellow gorilla fisted brethren walk on by and notice him lying unconscious, they will run right into your trap. However, the trick of enticing curiosity without getting caught makes this tactic a reasonable but still risky gamble.

Additional Intel: Guards like to follow patterns, so when explosive canisters are in view, watch and wait for the prime moment to take out multiple guards with a single shot!

4. I'm The Captain Now!

Once upon a time, military officers were chosen for bravery, cunning, and intelligence. Nowadays, they are selected for ability to pose for posters and who they know at gardening clubs. Take advantage of this, and hold Officers are gunpoint until they surrender.

Not only will this decrease the Defcon for the country the Officer serves, but you can take humiliating pictures of the fool cowering before your fast trigger finger. Do bear in mind they will not surrender if surrounded by their meat-fisted soldiers though.

Additional Intel: Killing Officers gives you a small score bonus, but nothing near what you will receive for taking one alive. Plus bleaching their uniforms for our sleeper agents to wear is costing us a fortune in laundromat services.

5. CounterThinking Victory

Raising the Defcon for either faction. Sounds like a terrible idea, yes? Except for when you realize, that it offers new possibilities. Higher Defcons include more Officers who can lower the Defcon, along with greater defenses that will result in a higher score once defeated. Sometimes a temporary setback is worth the cost, agent.

Base structures will also change depending on the Defcon rating. Be careful using this on higher difficulties though, as there's a higher chance for this strategy to backfire.

Additional Intel: In no way does C.O.U.N.T.E.R. condone manipulating global politics just to increase the bottom line. Well, we don't condone it publicly...

If you require any further intel, be sure to let me know! And in case you haven't already, be sure to look up CounterSpy and our first guide full of tips and tricks for in the field!

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Published Mar. 12th 2015
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