A First Look at Tomb Raider #1 Comic Book Tie-In

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From the sound of it, not only will this new comic set the stage for the sequel, it will also try to explain the transformation from the idealistic adventurer to the cool-as-ice Lara that we first learned to love.

"I don’t really feel any need to remove myself from the previous versions of Lara. When you’re a video game fan, like I am, and suddenly you have a great game with a female lead who kicks a ton of ass and has James Bond levels of cool…that’s a big deal, and that’s what I felt playing those first Tomb Raider games. I had a blast playing them. I suppose some might complain about cheesecake, but I never felt that’s what Lara was about at her core.

All we’re doing here is showing the journey—how does a British schoolgirl become this adventure icon, this magnificent, dangerous woman?"

The first issue of Tomb Raider will hit the shelves on February 26. Will you be picking up a copy?

(Note: This  preview has been approved for media use and repost by Dark Horse Comics.)

Published Jan. 31st 2014

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