The Nintendo Switch was just announced, but the trailer reveals much more than it seems...

A Close Look at the Nintendo Switch Trailer & What It Tells Us

The Nintendo Switch was just announced, but the trailer reveals much more than it seems...

So we all know that the Nintendo NX is now called the Nintendo Switch, and that it’s without a doubt a portable console/home console hybrid. But does the Switch’s 3-minute preview give us more information than it lets on? In this article we’ll be taking the Switch’s preview apart to find out just how much Nintendo might have in store for us come March 2017!

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Note: these images aren’t in any particular order. With that said, let’s begin, shall we?

For a while now we’ve had rumors of the NX/Switch being a console/handheld hybrid. But what exactly does the Switch’s dock do? While it doesn’t look like much, we do know that it is responsible for outputting an HD signal to the TV.

On the left of the dock we can see what appears to be an HDMI Out plug, as well as what looks to be Nintendo’s proprietary power plug. Conversely, the video with the woman playing a Super Mario title would suggest otherwise as two wires can be seen coming out of the back of the Switch. While it might be a stretch, the ports do look uncannily similar to the Nintendo Gamecube’s memory slots.

There does not appear to be any power buttons on the dock itself, so we can assume that the dock is activated by an active pad being inserted or by the controllers. Also, if you watch the trailer closely, you might notice that the Switch’s main console doesn’t actually run at 60 FPS. It has a lack of smoothness in frames suggesting the pad will run at 30 FPS, whereas the Nintendo Switch Dock runs the games at a smoother frame rate of 60 FPS. This might be done to save battery life, and also suggests that the dock rather improves the frame rate via hybrid GPU or simply clocks up the console when running on A/C power.

We also know based off of the video that there is a new Super Mario title in the works for the Switch. From the looks of it, the new Mario title will be taking place in a colorful world unlike any we have seen before — as such, it is highly unlikely that it is a remaster or remake. Mario does not have any extra gear on him either, and he does make a spin-jump suggesting that if anything it might be another Galaxy sequel. However, the presence of Delfinos in the video might hint toward a Super Mario Sunshine sequel.

Perhaps a hybrid of the two games is in the works?

In the above image we can see the Switch’s console component being used outdoors. Aside from the obvious fact that the console is being used nowhere near the dock — thus meaning the console does not need the dock to play HD games — we can also note that it has built in speakers on the bottom. We also know that the Switch has a headphone jack for the use of other sound devices.

As mentioned before, the game does not run at 60 FPS when showing the NBA title or other games. However, we should note that unlike the Wii U there has been no alluding to touch screen capabilities or a stylus dock. This might mean that the Nintendo Switch will not have touch screen capabilities at all, or that they will be limited to finger-sensitive interactions.

On the Switch’s back end we can see a number of features. From left to right we first see that there will be two shoulder buttons on the Switch’s removable controllers. There is also a slot for GameCards which look similar to (if not thicker than) 3DS cartridges — which I totally called back in May. Next we have a standard headphone jack, and then what appears to be a heat vent. 

The vent is an interesting feature, as it suggests that the Nintendo Switch requires a heat exhaust to function properly. This supports the earlier theory that the Switch will likely clock up its graphics processor while in the Switch Dock. It also reaffirms that the Switch is a console in of itself, and that it will likely output at the very least a high resolution image at all times.

In this image we can see two Nintendo Switch consoles being used side-by-side. Each player has one controller in hand, and they are both playing the same game. While it might not be safe to assume that Download Play is an option, local off-TV multiplayer is certainly within the cards. Each player is capable of playing the game on screen with only one controller, suggesting that developers might take advantage of this for simpler multiplayer titles.

We can also see the Switch’s desk frame-like stand holding it upright while everyone surrounds the device. This will undoubtedly increase the utility of the Switch console outside the confines of the home.

Here we can see the two Joy-Con controllers as they appear without the console. Each Joy-Con has a total of six buttons (face buttons and two rear buttons) as well as an analog stick. Each seems to have a start-like button as well (see the square on the Joy-Con [L]) and their own separate battery life.

From the video alone it is difficult to understand how the controllers will be charged or powered, but we can assume that they are charged while docked inside the Switch’s console portion. What developers will do with the Joy-Con’s various forms will be interesting no doubt.

Next we have what appears to be a car-dock attachment for the Switch’s console portion. If this comes standard with the Nintendo Switch, then it will surely help the console attract sales from families who travel or those with younger children, especially with the simple design of the Joy-Con controllers.

We can also note that the game on screen is a Mario Kart title. However, the track is Yoshi’s Circuit from the Gamecube title Double Dash. Considering that King Boo is in the image, and the players are holding two items each, could we be getting our first looks at a Double Dash!! remake? At worst we’re seeing the possibility of the Nintendo Switch being compatible with more Nintendo Gamecube era games.

Next up we have the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. The Switch’s Pro Controller looks much like a Nintendo Gamecube Controller, with one analog stick being placed at the bottom. Once again we see the same face buttons, a familiar D-pad, two trigger buttons, and four unknown buttons on the center. We can assume Start and Select are two of the buttons, and one is the home button. Could we then assume the fourth is a share button — similar to the PS4’s — with which Nintendo players will finally see the console giant enter the modern age?

Only time will tell…

Here again we see the Nintendo Switch from the back. There isn’t much else to say about it other than the fact that we get a better look at the frame-stand, as well as what appears to be, at the center, room for the Switch to connect to its dock.

Also, Nintendo Switch confirmed to not spontaneously burst into flames while on airplanes like some other handheld devices…

Here we get the official name for the Joy-Con dock, the Joy-Con Grip. This is in essence a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, except it uses the Joy-Con controllers instead of being a standalone device. There does not appear to be any circuitry in the grip itself, further supporting my theory that the Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Con controllers will have to be charged inside the actual console.

This is, of course, unless I’m wrong and the lack of lighting is hiding some sort of port for a USB cable or other Nintendo cable to be linked.

In this image we see four eSports players huddled around the Nintendo Switch while playing Splatoon. This image once again confirms that the Switch will have local wireless play. The fact that eSports players are the ones playing the console further suggests that Nintendo is looking into possibly getting into the eSports scene.

If this is true, then Nintendo is quite possibly looking into finally entering the hardcore sphere with the Nintendo Switch, while simultaneously not abandoning its family-oriented side.

Last but not least, we have the Nintendo Switch being taken out of its dock. What’s interesting is that the Switch was not shut down or even paused before being removed from the dock. This means that the Switch will be able to seamlessly go between TV and handheld modes.

Having this functionality will be great for people who are on the go as they will not have to worry about saving, turning off, or otherwise going through a process to pick up their game before leaving home.

That’s all for now!

From the trailer this is all the good stuff we managed to find out on our own, but maybe you found something we missed out on? If so, leave your findings in the comments section below, and tell us what you think about Nintendo’s upcoming console!

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