Eurogamer reports that NX is a console/handheld hybrid

Eurogamer's sources have unveiled a number of purported NX details, such as what the console is, tech power and its apparent reveal date.

Citing several insider reports, Eurogamer has reported today the nebulous NX will be a hybrid console. According to its report, the console will primarily function as a high-powered portable device, which comes included with two detachable controllers. The below mock-up is included in the article.

At home, the system can connect to the TV. What's described as a "base unit" will link to the NX's "brain"-- located within the controller -- to link to the TV.

The system is also reported to use cartridges as its choice of physical media, and Nintendo is aiming for 32GB storage. The company apparently decided against a download-only system. One source told Eurogamer there are no plans for backwards compatibility with Wii U games.

Another Eurogamer report extensively analyzes its apparent usage of Nvidia Tegra technology. The tech involved implies it won't quite be as strong as PS4 or Xbox One, as Nintendo is not aiming for graphical parity; instead, they're packing all the technology they can into the handheld.

Finally, the former report claims Nintendo is scheduling the NX reveal in September. The company is reviewing the marketing mishaps of the Wii U and is aiming for a simpler message with the new system: the ability to take your games with you wherever you go.

Kotaku has also leapt onto the news, claiming they have heard similar reports.

Regardless of whether or not any of this is true, we'll keep you updated on any further NX news, rumors and leaks.

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Published Jul. 26th 2016

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