Another week means two more free games on the Epic Games Store.

Alan Wake, For Honor Free on Epic Games Store This Week

Another week means two more free games on the Epic Games Store.

Both Alan Wake and For Honor are currently free on the Epic Games Store. The two popular titles follow last week’s free offering of Moonlighter and This War of Mine

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Both complimentary games will be available for $0 until August 9.

Those interested in snagging the complimentary titles can simply sign up for or log into an Epic Games account, find the games at the top of the store’s front page, and add them to their library. 

All free games downloaded to a user’s library remain in that library for the lifetime of the account. 

Alan Wake

Although it originally released way back in 2010, Alan Wake has remained relevant almost 10 years later. The psychological horror title has made copious must-play lists, and fans have continually decried the fact that the game still doesn’t have a sequel. 

Many gaming journalists, content creators, and gamers herald the Alan Wake as one of the greatest horror games of all time, putting it alongside genre staples such as Resident Evil and Silent Hill

For exactly $0, Alan Wake is a cant-miss steal. It’s just too bad it’s American Nightmare DLC isn’t included. 

For Honor

There’s no denying that For Honor had some issues at launch. Although we called it “a brilliant new hybrid fighting game” in our official review, we specifically docked the game points for server connectivity. Others bemoaned the game’s balancing and nebulous settings menus. 

However, a lot has changed since the game released in 2017. In fact, For Honor is a much better game today

As with Alan Wake, there’s really no reason not to nab For Honor for absolutely free. 

While the past two weeks have seen Epic give away two games, next week’s preview currently shows only one game: GNOG, a 3D puzzler. We don’t know if there will be another game added or if Epic will return to the “one game a week” model it used previously. 

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