All We Know About EA at E3 2014

Here are some of the games you can expect to see at EA's booth at E3!

Last year EA released a teaser trailer for the promising sequel to Mirror's Edge

EA promised that they would give an update on the game at this year's event. Senior Producer, Sara Jansson, stated that "This new game will be a first-person action adventure starring Faith and I am here to tell you that we will stay true to Mirror's Edge," to a source at Polygon

Mirror Edge 2 is expected to be a great improvement from the first game, which had many people wanting a finer and more polished version of the game with more story. 

Most people's qualms with the game weren't the amazing mechanics, but with the seemingly straightforward story-line. Here's to hoping they are making the story a bit more complex and unique this go around. 

The Battlefield Hardline: Into the Jungle trailer was leaked with only a few days left before EA originally planned to release it to the public. When the trailer leaked they immediately took it down from most YouTube channels but then turned around and made it official since most people had seen it at that point. 

It's hard to keep things under wraps these days with technology buzzing, but it does give us the chance to see what we can expect from the next game in the Battlefield series.

Are you excited for Battlefield Hardline after the controversy that surrounded Battlefield 4 last year? 

EA plans to elaborate more on the game at E3 and we made even get some gameplay footage, but that's all speculation at the moment.  

Dragon Age Inquisition is also expected to make an appearance at E3 this year. 

The game releases on October 7th so I expect there to be a lot of news on this. Dragon Age Inquisition is the next game in the popular Dragon Age series. EA promises a first look at this title and to go in-depth with what people can expect for the fall launch. 

The team has already teased us with some of the heroes making appearances and promise that we'll see an impressive range of personalities and opinions in these characters.

FIFA 15 is making an appearance as well. The 12-second teaser trailer shows very little of the game but EA seems to be keeping the full trailer on lock down after the Battlefield Hardline trailer leak. 

What we know from this short teaser is that FIFA 15 will be released for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC. The game is being created for next gen will hopefully bring new life to the game that sports' fans adore. 

FIFA 15 is expected to release in September of this year. 

Attendees are also going to get updates on Respawn's Titanfall. The team has already said that they are going to reveal a new game mode and new features where the attendees will be able to play and test at the event. 

Titanfall had an overall successful launch, but there has been a push to try and make the game more competitive and long-lasting. Some players felt the game was monotonous and boring after a few hours so Respawn has been trying their best to change that. 

They took away game modes in what was one of the first times I've seen a company do something of that nature. Capture the Flag and Pilot Hunter were taken down just two months after launch and later put as an option for private matches due to "lack of demand," according to EA. 

The Sims 4 is getting a release date at the event as well. While we don't know much about the game other than it will not be necessary to always be connected to the internet the game has been under pressure to develop the series more emotionally. 

The game came under fire for its inclusion of same-sex marriages, which is interesting because Tomodachi Life by Nintendo had the exact opposite problem because they chose NOT to have same-sex marriages in the game. The controversy was eventually the cause for The Sims 4 to be rated for adults only in Russia and some other countries. 

The Executive Producer, Rachel Franklin, will present more details and reveal the anticipated release date.