Angry Birds Star Wars Shooting for Consoles

Shoot birds from every console!

Shoot birds from every console!

Who doesn’t love Angry Birds? It’s the perfect game to entertain yourself on a long drive, bus ride, or just something to do while you wait for your friends to show up because they’re late againLast year, after releasing the Angry Birds Trilogy for PC, Activision decided to release Angry Birds Star Wars for all the other consoles too. So now you can fling birds no matter which console you’re on or where you are. 

So why should you care, if you have it on your phone? Well, this Angry Birds has multiplayer! Developers say that, 

This title adds 20 never-before-seen exclusive levels – in addition to the existing 200 from the original Angry Birds Star Wars mobile game – and for the first time ever, multiplayer modes. Play alongside family members or friends in two-player co-op mode to achieve a combined high score or against them (up to four players) in competitive mode.

The game begins in Tatooine and you play as Luke, an ordinary red bird. That is, until he meets Ben Kenobi and that’s when you get the light saber, which slashes in an arc and kills everything in sight. The game even mirrors the first Star Wars movie with references of quotes that were said in the movie, such as “If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.” The quote is incorporated in the game when you see Ben Kenobi’s powers double in the Death Star level! It’s pretty cool to read about, but playing it will be even more awesome.  

Available on  Xbox 360, PS3, PS Vita, Wii, Wii U and 3DS on October 29th. Get ready! 

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