Batman Arkham Knight's November DLC is now available and offers a bunch of new stuff. Read on to know what all it includes.

Arkham Knight’s November DLC now available, includes Batman vs Superman content

Batman Arkham Knight's November DLC is now available and offers a bunch of new stuff. Read on to know what all it includes.
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Rocksteady has released a hefty 1.8 GB update for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of Batman Arkham Knight. The 1.11 update offers minor fixes, new AR Challenge maps, and adds some new content.

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Update 1.11 will also importantly introduce Batman vs Superman content from the upcoming movie. It also brings two new Arkham Episodes namely, Catwoman’s Revenge, which lets you play as Catwoman, and Flip of a Coin, which lets you take control of Batman’s side-kick Robin.

The 2016 Batman v Superman Batmobile pack launches today for people who own the $40 Arkham Knight DLC Pass. Everyone else can get their hands on it only after December 1 for free.

The update fixes a few bugs including the Knightfall glitch, which showed an objective marker on GCPD roof despite already triggering the Knightfall Protocol. It also allows Predator character switching. Two new AR Challenge maps: Shark Bait, and Jailbreak, are also among the contents of the update. More DLCs for the game are in line-up for December and January. The complete patch notes are given below:

  • Robin can now Quickfire Explosive Gel with R2, R2, plus Special Combo version in the usual way.
  • Azrael now has Detective Mode and the Disruptor.
  • All three DLC characters now have Critical Strikes, FreeFlow Focus Mk II, Blade Dodge Takedown and armor upgrades.
  • Harley and Batgirl now have Aerial Juggle and Special Combo Boost (RH already had these).
  • Batgirl has a ton of new Special Combo moves: Multi Ground Takedown, Disarm and Destroy, Batarang, Explosive Gel and Batclaw. SC Batarang is glitched so that it only does the explosion a small amount of the time, though.
  • Batgirl also has Batclaw Super Slam and Batclaw Weapon Disarm.
Bug fixes
  • Suit damage glitch has been fixed – you can now swap away from and back to the v8.03 and still see damage in story mode
  • ‘Knightfall glitch’ has been fixed – you no longer get an objective marker for the GCPD roof despite already triggering the Knightfall Protocol
New content
  • GCPD Lockdown AR Challenges: ‘Shark Bait’, round-based combat in the dock building, and ‘Jailbreak’, the GCPD predator environment

  • Predator character switch: select character on non-Dual Play predator maps, with unique objectives.

The game, developed by Rocksteady, is now available across PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

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