Art Of Conquest Gets Release Date

Art of Conquest developers announce a release date for the game, as well as provide new details on the game's lore.
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Art Of Conquest, a new mobile MMO that combines elements from the MMORPG genre with the RTS genres, is currently in development at Lilith Games. According to the developers, the game seeks to “push the genre forward.”

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This week, the developers announced more information behind the game’s story, and that the game will be released worldwide on June 6. In talking about the game’s story, they said:

In ancient times, the land of Nore was part of the giant landmass of Avalos. A terrible war broke out between the mythical creatures of the land and sea. This great war broke Avalos apart into three large continents and several smaller archipelagos. 

After this cataclysmic event, new civilizations began to spring up over the next thousand years. In the present day, the continent of Nore is fought over by six powerful kingdoms, each of them seeking to unify the land under their banner.”

The story aside, the gameplay seeks to provide and interesting take on the genre, with an all new trailer and several new screenshots showcasing overworld exploration, RTS-style combat, and some of the game’s heroes. Players will be able to build armies, which can then be bolstered by hero units that activate abilities in battle.  

The game is said to allow over 400 troops on screen at once. With the game currently in beta, we’ll have to wait and see if it turns out to be as good as the developers claim it to be. However, it certainly does look like it is different from the classic Clash of Clans-style approach that is currently popular in the space. 


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