New rumors suggest the new KOTOR game is actually a full remake being handled by Aspyr Studios.

Aspyr Could Be Handling Knights of the Old Republic Remake

New rumors suggest the new KOTOR game is actually a full remake being handled by Aspyr Studios.

The long-rumored Knights of the Old Republic remake is starting to look a bit more solid thanks to two new reports. Jason Schreier said during an episode of the MinnMax show that Aspyr, known for its handling of other Star Wars game ports, is working on the KOTOR game, while Eurogamer’s sources say it’s more of a remake than a port. 

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Earlier rumors from the Bespin Bulletin said EA was developing it while an outside studio was in charge of a brand-new KOTOR game.

However, it could just be a case of mixed communication signals. The KOTOR remake could be the new game, depending on how much it actually changes from the original.

Eurogamer also made mention of rumors from earlier in 2021 that suggested the new or remade KOTOR would include elements from both KOTOR games to help tie in with certain factors in the broader Star Wars universe.

What those are is anyone’s guess, though we’d be surprised if they didn’t somehow relate to developments in the various Star Wars multimedia products and episodes 7-9. Revan was, after all, made canon again through the Rise of Skywalker visual dictionary. 

[Source: Eurogamer]

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