At $2500 Is This The Most Expensive Piece of Battlefield 4 Merch?

A Gold Battlepack is a pretty rare item in Battlefield 4. In real life, it'll cost you $2500.
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Gamers spending money on in-game content and merch certainly isn’t unheard of. But this item, from developer DICE has to take the cake as one of the most extravagant pieces of video game memorabilia. 

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It’s a gold briefcase. Sort of. It’s actually a print of a Gold Battlepack from Battlefield 4.  It’s been “hand embellished and gilded using actual 24 carat gold leaf and gold paint.” Also, for the discerning art collector/FPS player, it comes in an exclusive gold-colored metal frame.

In-game, the gold battlepack is one of the rarest items and a handy find for players. In real life, The Gold Battlepack is offered through the Cook and Becker site, and there are only 10 of these limited edition, hand-numbered and signed prints. 


Cook and Becker, the “next-gen art dealers,” are purveyors of concept art from the “leading artists shaping our time and culture.” They also have offerings from Bioware (a $2500 giclee of the Mass Effect 2 team), Irrational Games  (Bioshock Infinite), and Naughty Dog (The Last of Us). The Gold Battlepack is offered as part of a collection from Swedish developer, DICE, that includes other prints from concept art from Battlefield 4, as well as art from games like Mirror’s Edge, though both of those have a smaller price tag. 

Check out more of the DICE/Cook and Becker Prints here. 

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