Awesome Games Done Quick 2014 Shatters Expectations With an Awe-Inspiring $1,000,000 Raised

One of the greatest weeks in Gaming history culminates with an awesome storybook ending.
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In a truly staggering and amazing week of video gaming prowess, Speed Demo Archive’s Awesome Games Done Quick, by their own admission, exceeded any possible dream they had by eclipsing the $1,000,000 mark during their latest and now obviously greatest marathon.

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As the final moments of the infamous 16-bit JRPG Chrono Trigger ticked down, the donation total was scratching ever closer to $1,000,000. Starting the Chrono Trigger run itself at approximately $850,000, it was a long journey to the land of seven digits. But, through the goodwill of the gaming masses, the number was broken as the final blows were being struck to Lavos and a truly staggering accomplishment was put forth by the efforts of the Speed Running community.

Chrono and pals would be proud of the Future we are changing!

 The previous 8 AGDQs, SDA had raised $1,006,971.45 TOTAL

Truly a week that will live fondly in every heart that even partially experienced it. From a one-handed run of Super Mario 64 to a completely BLINDFOLDED (AS IN THE PLAYER WAS COMPLETELY BLIND) run of Punch-Out!!, AGDQ 2014 put forth some of the craziest challenges and most exciting moments to happen in any gaming community in quite some time.

Without any spoilers, this four-man Super Metroid race really came down to the wire.

Hopefully, the people over at ADGQ and Speed Demo Archives receive all of their proper praises and their laurels to rest on for awhile. This week was a truly amazing display of what the Gaming Community as a whole is really all about. We’re not a bunch of misfits and social outcasts who only care about the world on the other side of the monitor. We’re a close-knit community of PEOPLE who can band together for the worthiest of causes, and we can have a lot of fun doing it! Besides, bake sales are so last century.

o |o| /o/

It really was TEH URN!! this week. Congratulations to SDA, AGDQ and all the related parties who made AGDQ 2014 one the greatest weeks in video gaming ever! A heart-warming, funny bone breaking, tear-jerking URN of legendary proportions. I look forward to SGDQ and AGDQ 2015 with the HYPEst anticipation.


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