Battlefield 5’s Launch Maps Revealed in New Trailer

EA shares details on nine maps for their upcoming shooter, letting players do battle in North Africa, France, Norway, and beyond.

EA shares details on nine maps for their upcoming shooter, letting players do battle in North Africa, France, Norway, and beyond.

Battlefield 5 is coming to PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on November 20, and new information continues to keep fans of the franchise champing at the bit for the latest entry.

This morning, on the heels of the recently-released PC requirements for the game, EA has released a trailer giving them even more to look forward to: eight diverse, multiplayer maps that will be available at the game’s launch (and one to be added post-launch).

Featuring vast deserts, urban centers, and snowy peaks, Battlefield 5‘s launch maps promise an exciting range of gameplay experiences.

Let us have a look at them:

  • Hamada, North Africa, is the largest of Battlefield 5‘s maps. A desert region populated by canyons and bridges, players will engage in combat inspired by some of World War 2’s most massive tank battles.
  • Aerodrome, North Africa, is set in an Axis airfield following a recent bombardment. A central hangar will function as a critical point as players attack and defend with infantry and vehicles.
  • Twisted Steel, France, features the “biggest structure ever created for a Battlefield game”: a demolished steel bridge. Players in the nearby marshland will attempt to take control of the dilapidated structure, while those on the outskirts do battle in tanks and planes.
  • Arras, France, is home to vast trenches and scattered woods, allowing players to engage in infantry warfare while tanks sweep the fields. A central town will act as the map’s most volatile area, and it features a multi-story church that will give snipers a view of the entire map.
  • Rotterdam, Holland, is the map most dedicated to full-scale, urban warfare. Players will attack its streets and canals while the city’s Witte Huis building acts as the perfect nest for the motivated sniper.
  • Devastation, Holland, is a small-scale, infantry-focused map set in the aftermath of a battle in Rotterdam. A multi-story library and a destroyed medieval church are the map’s central landmarks.
  • Narvik, Norway, features a tight residential area for close-quarter combat and a larger industrial zone. Inspired by the 1940 invasion of Narvik, this is a battle to control the harbor town.
  • Fjell 652, Norway, offers “a combat dynamic new to Battlefield” as infantry and planes do battle atop these Norwegian peaks. Players will attempt to take control of critical points while surrounded by the map’s “extreme, dynamic” weather system.
  • Panzerstorm, Belgium, will be Battlefield‘s first post-launch map. Featured in Chapter 1 of Tides of War, this map is inspired by World War 2’s first major tank battle.

With the reveal of this excellent group of maps and a recently elaborated post-launch planBattlefield 5 is shaping up to be a stellar shooter experience.

Here’s hoping that EA can avoid a debacle the likes of the Star Wars Battlefront 2‘s micro-transaction controversy with this release.

Which of Battlefield 5‘s maps are you most looking forward to? Let us know in the comments below.

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