Find out when Raids, Dungeons, and PvP go live with this handy schedule given out by Blizzard

Be Prepared For World of Warcraft: Legion Content With This Release Schedule

Find out when Raids, Dungeons, and PvP go live with this handy schedule given out by Blizzard

Get your demon hunters ready and empty your bags, World of Warcraft: Legion is upon us. With only a handful of hours left until the August 30th launch you might be wondering what you should focus on during the first few weeks of Legion. Blizzard has been keen to share their content release schedule with us, so you can plan all your escapades on the Broken Isles with your friends and guildmates.

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Let’s start from the beginning, Legion will be launching on August 30th at 12:00 am (PDT) for North America. With the launch of Legion you will be immediately able to access all dungeons on Normal and Heroic difficulties. Mythic dungeons will become available at 8:00 am (PDT) in accordance to standard weekly dungeon reset times. Player versus Player Season 1 will also begin with the launch, meaning you can begin earning Honor and Prestige immediately.

September 20th marks the beginning of raiding. The Emerald Nightmare Raid dungeon will become available on Normal and Heroic difficulty. In addition to that, an item called Mythic Keystones will begin to drop. These keystones allow the player to increase the challenge in Mythic Dungeons for much better rewards. This is of course optional.

If you’re looking for a bigger challenge or a way to ease yourself into raiding, you’ll be waiting for September 27th. Mythic difficulty of The Emerald Nightmare Raid will become available at this time, promising the most powerful loot yet. For those looking for that first step into raiding this is when the first wing of Raid Finder difficulty will open — you could think of it as easy mode for raids –, allowing you to battle the first few bosses of The Emerald Nightmare like a normal dungeon.

The next two wings of Raid Finder difficulties will open on October 11th, and October 25th which marks the end of the planned content. There is no word yet what Blizzard plans to do next after opening Raid Finder Wing 3 of The Emerald Nightmare. Though, it might have something to do with the previously hinted at trip to Karazhan.

World of Warcraft: Legion launches for Microsoft Windows on August 30th, and you can still pre-order for access to exclusive content right now!

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