Blizzard Announcements for HOTS, OverWatch, Hearthstone, and More From Pax East 2015

Blizzard's new announcements from the Pax East 2015 floor! New heroes, maps, perks, and more.
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Pax East 2015 started today on a good note. Blizzard made mindblowing announcements for its current titles and upcoming new titles with must-see sneak peaks. Fans will be happy with the new additions as well as some new heroes and maps awaiting them soon.

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Everyone has heard of Overwatch, the new IP from Blizzard with its unique gameplay. Today’s announcement added depth to the game’s history, the new map dynamically builds the game’s storyline. Blizzard clearly intends the title to stand side by side to it’s other headliners like Starcraft, Diablo, and WOW.

Today, Blizzard announced a new full payload map called Watch Point: Gibraltar that brings something new to Overwatch. The base is a strategic zone designed to watch what was going on throughout the world, the base was shutdown yet there is activity that requires players attention. The objective of the map forces players to get the drone to rocket to get communication network back online.

In addition, two new heroes have been announced for the game: McCree, the futuristic gunslinger; and Zarya, the particle cannon wielding tank.


McCree’s main weapon is a the Peace Keeper revolver that allows players to snipe from across the map. McCree’s ability Flashbang can combo with his other moves to stun enemies. In addition, McCree can perform a combat roll that reloads his weapon as he moves. Highly skill players should be able to execute a combo roll, reload, and continue to to shoot in one swift motion. McCree’s Ultimate Ability is called Dead Eye, which may be super overpowered.


Zarya is a new female tank hero and is considered lawfully good. Blizzard seems to be happily making a statement with this character: there need for more diversity in games, including diverse body types. Zarya wields a particle cannon as a main weapon. The basic attack is a beam attack that shoots out 15 meters, dealing devasting close range damage. In addition, her second ability fires a close range AOE particle explosion. Another defining ability is a particle barrier that may be placed on herself or allies to absorb damage and block line of sight. Zarya’s Ultimate is Graviton Surge: enemies are sucked into a gravity well.

Heroes of the Storm

Sylvanas joins Heroes of the Storm

Four new announcements for Heroes Of the Storm: new maps, a new fan-favorite hero, a huge UI overhaul, and the ambitious Heroes of the Dorm competition.

Two news maps: Tomb of The Spider Queen and Sky Temple are now added to HotS.

Blizzard also announced the new hero: Sylvanas. This badass lore-loved archer is no laughing matter. Her abilities mix magic and archery making her a deadly foe on the battlefield. Be warned, never leave a Sylvanas in a lane alone.

In addition to the new maps and heroes, developers are redoing the whole UI for the game, adding a score screen after game finished, working on a team link competitive space team up to 9 people, and a team ranking system.


With the rise of eSports, Blizzard is happy to announce Heroes of the Dorm, where competitive players can play to win tuition money. Working with TV channels like ESPN to broadcast tournament is a step in solidifying a workable foundation for the future of eSports.


Read our Hearthstone coverage for all the information about the new single player adventure Blackrock Mountain.

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