Chrono Trigger’s Recent PC Port Has Fans Very Upset

Just a few days ago, the classic JRPG Chrono Trigger was released on Steam out of nowhere. What should have been a pleasant surprise has fans quite upset.

Just a few days ago, out of absolutely nowhere, the classic JRPG from the “golden age” of Squaresoft, Chrono Trigger, was released on Steam by Square Enix. This seems like a logical step to make at the moment, seeing as how the HD remake of Secret of Mana was released recently, and Chrono Trigger comes form the same era of SNES RPG’s that defined a great time for Square. While many people were excited to see the beloved RPG staple make its way to PC, that enthusiasm didn’t last for most people for very long, as after starting the game up, they began to realize what sort of port this was.

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The recent Steam release of Chrono Trigger is actually a near 1-to-1 port of the mobile version of the game that released a few years ago for iOS and Android, with very little changed. The basic-looking interface, lesser framerate, and poor sprite filtering were all complaints directed at the original mobile port of the game, and unfortunately these issues — among others related to the presentation of the game — are still present in the PC port.

Additionally, there are no graphics options aside from resolution, and compared to the original, the sprites are much less defined, and the colors in many places look dimmed or washed out. It unfortunately seems as though this port of Chrono Trigger isn’t as worth people’s time as others. Perhaps if word spreads enough, Square Enix could port a more direct version of the game to PC instead of this version that fewer people favor.

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