Clash Of Clans Update: “Captain’s Log” Teasers Still Haven’t Revealed Release Date

Clash Of Clans is currently hinting new update via captain's log teaser.....but when the heck is it gonna come out?

As one of the most-played mobile games of all time, Clash Of Clans is hard to put down. In the last few years, the developer of the game, Supercell, has brought some interesting updates into the game, which is one of the main reasons behind its continued popularity. But according to recent speculation, the next update is believed to be completely different than past updates players have seen — and it’s supposedly related to the recently introduced “Captain’s Log”. 

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Supercell is hinting at the next update through Captain’s Log teasers. But in the latest teaser, Captain’s Log: Day 3 (which you can view above), Supercell has revealed basically no further information. In the teaser, players can see a hog rider talking to himself in the middle of the ocean. But this doesn’t reveal really anything about the upcoming update. 

This approach — especially the minimal reveal in the most recent teaser — has a lot of Clash of Clan players really frustrated. It’s been a long time since the game’s last update, and players are eager to see what they can look forward to. But the slow trickle of information is doing little to satisfy them. And what’s most frustrating to many is the lack of a release date. 

There are some clues buried in the Supercell forums, though. One post from moderator “LachNessMeownster” says that the update won’t be coming this week. A separate post from “CzarH” points out that according to the SMS notification signup page, there are five teaser videos listed — but the last two have yet to be shown. So players can likely expect at least two more Captain’s Log entries before they see a possible release date.

The post also notes that those SMS signups are being accepted through today, May 15, so it’s safe to assume that this is the earliest possible date for the update to arrive. 

Whenever it does finally arrive, the newest Clash of Clans update will add some new flavor to the game, while seeking to attract a lot of old users who need a fresh experience in the popular mobile MMO. 

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