Cloud (Finally) Dons His Dress in Final Fantasy 7 Remake Theme Song Trailer

We also get a tantalizing glimpse at events taking place after the Midgar episode.
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Square Enix just released a new Final Fantasy 7 Remake trailer. Called the Theme Song trailer, it features the game’s main theme “Hollow.” But it really should be called the “look how amazing we made Final Fantasy 7” trailer.

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It starts with that iconic scene in Nibelheim — one of the ones we really wanted to see — where Cloud tells Tifa he’s going to Midgar to be a proper-noun Soldier. From there, we get a glimpse at Cloud’s mysterious connection with the equally mysterious (and technically dead) Sephiroth.

That’s before seeing ShinRa Electric Company in all its dirty, corrupt glory, hearing Aerith talk about her mission, and seeing Red XIII plus a very adorable Chocobo summon, complete with Mog.

That’s great and all, but obviously, the real attraction in the trailer is cross-dressing Cloud. The FF7 Remake trailer gives us our first look at the completely revamped Honey Bee Inn and shows us how much changed and how much stays the same.

Cloud still cross-dresses to rescue a certain someone from Don Corneo, though it seems the element of player choice might have been removed from the Inn. Rather than choosing which, er… themed room you want to visit, Cloud gets transformed by what we’re assuming is the new Mukki, who then dances a sensual little dance with Cloud before the scene changes.

If all is as the trailer shows, it seems like a surprisingly tasteful and sensitive way to handle a sequence full of potential problems.

The second half of the trailer shows us never-before-seen footage from what’s doubtlessly part of episode two (or episode whatever). That’s because it shows action outside Midgar, including a short look at the final showdown with Jenova.

Whether that means there will be only two episodes and how far production is on the next part, we still don’t know. But we do know Final Fantasy 7 seems like it’s changing things in all the right ways, from the greatly expanded plot to the mixed-style combat.

It might be disappointing that the remake was delayed to April, but it’s a price we’re willing to pay for what looks like a stellar final product.

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