Hotly requested features like Matchmaking and Spectator Mode get pushed to the forefront, with new islands and Tems on the way later.

Crema Games Reveals Long-Term Temtem Content Roadmap

Hotly requested features like Matchmaking and Spectator Mode get pushed to the forefront, with new islands and Tems on the way later.
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Crema Games’ monster-catching MMO Temtem has probably been more of a success than the developers anticipated. However, on top of battling bugs and optimizing the game as much as possible, the Barcelona-based developer has been working on Temtem‘s content roadmap for the near future as well, which was released yesterday.

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As the team notes, it’s important to realize this is a tentative map. Content and especially release dates are subject to change depending on development status and how the dev team wants the game to progress.

First up are the important features players have been requesting almost from the start: matchmaking, scaling, and spectator mode.

Matchmaking is basically what it sounds like; it’s Temtem‘s PvP element that lets Tamers fight against each other based on rankings. For this and certain other modes, Tamers won’t have to try and perfect their Temtem either. The critters will be automatically scaled up to the current level cap, with SVs cranked up to 50.

Spectator mode, which lets you view other competitive matches, was pushed to the front based on demand as well. Housing won’t be limited either, and you’ll be able to deck it out with furniture earned and bought in the game.

That’s the stuff coming first. Summer and fall 2020 each have a new island planned — Kisiwa and Cipanku respectively — with 25 new Temtem for each as well. There’s a number of other updates Crema has planned, but again, these could change as time progresses.

Crema also posted an updated, mid- to long-term content roadmap today, which you can see in the above image. The most notable features are an anticipated console launch date of Spring 2021 with the goal of cross-save as well. There’ll be an endgame island around then as well, which Crema likens to the Battle Frontier from Pokemon and a fully supported Nuzlocke mode for Summer 2021.

Nuzlocke refers to a style of Pokemon gaming fans created where you can only catch (and use) the first Pokemon you encounter in each area, and if any of your ‘mon faint — even your starter — you have to treat them as gone for good.

You can head to the official Crema website to check out the full content plan and notes. Meanwhile, make sure to head over to our growing Temtem guides hub for all your Tamer needs, including:

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