Crowfall Kickstarter Goal Met, Stretch Goals to be Hit With Backers Pledging Thousands of Dollars Each

Crowfall met it's $800k Kickstarter Goal in as little as four days — and announced two stretch goals to boot!

Crowfall dropped its vision on Kickstarter 4 days ago, at the time of writing, and they just reached their goal of $800k this morning. This up-and-coming “Throne War simulator” MMO has started a wildfire in the gaming community, with dissatisfied MMO fans screaming for more diversity. The WoW-Envy of recent years has been truly uninspiring for gamers for the past ten years, and it seems like a change of pace is not only desired, it’s demanded.

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Individual backers have even been throwing thousands of their own dollars at Crowfall:

“Just bought your highest tier [$10,000]! I believe in you all keep up the great work!

“…. I feel every penny is well spent, and like us all we want to see this come to fruition.”

-Talrune, Kickstarter Comments

With ArtCraft Entertainment’s Crowfall Kickstarter Goal now met, they decided to introduce two stretch goals to the mix:

Crowfall Stretch Goal 1 – $1.0M

Upgrade Visual FX, Female Centuars

The first goal is quite simple: they want to hire a graphical FX specialist. Right now, ArtCraft Entertainment has their 3D character modeller creating all of their special effects. With an FX specialist, not only will the FX look visually stunning but their current 3D designer will be able to go back to character models, which means new gender variants of gender-locked races.

Crowfall Throne War Simulator Kickstarter Funded Stretch Goals Announced

Crowfall Stretch Goal 2 – $1.3M

Mounts and Caravans

In the core module of Crowfall, transporting materials currently consists of using your players inventory — which, if you haven’t noticed, uses a Diablo-style grid space. Your inventory will fill up really quickly if you’re trying to gather a lot of resources to, say, build a castle. This is where mounts and caravans come in — to transport your hard-earned goods. Just be careful not to get attacked on the way back!

Crowfall Throne War Simulator Kickstarter Funded Stretch Goals Announced

Congratulations, Crowfall

ArtCraft Entertainment hit an outstanding $800k with Crowfall less than 72 hours after the Kickerstarter campaign launched. With 26 more days to go, who knows what heights they could reach? It looks like the community really wants it, but will it stay hot?

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