Crystal Dynamics is looking for a Producer

Looking for a job in the game industry? Crystal Dynamics might be the place for you!
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Crystal Dynamics is a game development company formerly under Eidos Interactive and now Square Enix. Crystal Dynamics are the people behind the latest installment of Tomb Raider, and several of the previous installments as well.  Tweeted out today was a link to a job description on Jobvite for a producer. Not only will this new producer be involved in expanding upon Tomb Raider, they will also be working on an entirely new IP according to the job description in the link they tweeted out.

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They’ve been around for awhile!

I got to snooping around on the Crystal Dynamics website and learned they have been involved in quite a few game. Mostly Tomb Raider games but still I was surprised, I hadn’t even heard of the company until Square Enix’s live stream from E3 this year. It’s pretty shocking how out of the loop I was.

Expanding the company?

As I continued snooping, I found another ad by the company searching for a lead technical artist. It almost seems like they are trying to expand the company. Their site even says, all over the place, that they are always looking for new talent. The thing I was looking for though I could not find. I wanted to find information on the new IP they hinted at in the producer job description. I guess I’ll just have to keep my eyes peeled for updates!

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