Dead By Daylight Adds Horror Staple Freddy Krueger

One, Two Freddy's Coming For You!
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As the roster of the killers on Behavior Interactive’s Dead by Daylight grows with the inclusion of Leatherface, Jason, and Michael Myers, there is one more horror icon that has joined in on the fun. It is the man that comes alive in your dreams. A true live wire. Sweater, hat, and 5 finger blades. The face of fear. The demon of Elm Street. Freddy Krueger!

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The latest trailer for Krueger has been released online and it looks amazing. The Freddy Krueger in the trailer resembles the one from the remake of Nightmare on Elm Street with Jackie Earle Harley. His character is now available to play. So, gamers, what are you gonna do when Freddy comes for you?

Behavior Interactive has definitely increased the horror and mayhem with their multiplayer online game, Dead By Daylight. Be sure to leave your comments below and let us know what you think about the latest addition to game.

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