A legendary vampire hunter joins the fight in Dead Cells!

Dead Cells: Return to Castlevania Reveals Iconic Series Character

A legendary vampire hunter joins the fight in Dead Cells!

The hotly anticipated officially licensed Castlevania DLC for Dead Cells releases for all current and last gen consoles as well as PC on March 6. The expansion for the 2018 Metroidvania-inspired rogue-lite is set to send you to worlds full of music, castles, and characters from the legendary Konami series. 

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Just before the release of the DLC, the developers at Motion Twin have thought to give us a sneak peek at yet another special treat that hides within the expansion. One hidden level will allow you to play as a legendary vampire hunter from the Konami franchise. The latest trailer drop below explains what exactly that mode entails.

That’s right. Just like in Symphony of the Night, there is a Richter mode. In Dead Cells it seems like the opportunity to play as Richter Belmont only comes when you discover a special secret level. However, once you have you will find this stage to be a re-creation of Richter’s powers and move-set from SotN.

We will see just how well hidden that level is — and just how many hours it will take delirious fans to find — when Dead Cells Castlevania DLC releases on March 6 for $9.99 on PC, Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation consoles.

Featured Image by Motion Twin

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