Dead Cells latest update adds massive weapons and some deadly new mutations.

Dead Cells Whack-a-Mole Update Adds More Bonk for Your Buck

Dead Cells latest update adds massive weapons and some deadly new mutations.
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Motion Twin revealed Dead Cells 23rd update, the free “Whack-A-Mole” update introducing new weapons, mutations, and more. Dead Cells‘ Whack-A-Mole update is available now on console and PC, following the recent Fatal Falls DLC release.

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Additionally, Dead Cells: The Bad Seed DLC is also available for iOS and Android devices for $3.99. 

Dead Cells Whack-A-Mole adds The Toothpick, Oven Axe, and Tombstone weapons, three massively oversized bonking devices made for the express purpose of destroying everything in front of you. The update’s new mutations are Execution, which automatically kills enemies with less than 15% health; Barbed Tip, which inflicts damage over time; and Point Blank, which increases damage output at close range.

As if Dead Cells weren’t challenging enough already, Motion Twin is working on another difficulty option. This new difficulty would alter the challenge as follows:

  • BC0: Health fountains in every transition.
  • BC1: Health fountain every other transition, with one minor flask when the fountain is missing.
  • BC2: No more health fountain, one minor flask in every transition.
  • BC3: One minor flask after the first boss and before the second.
  • BC4: No more health in any transition, enemies teleport to your position.
  • BC5: No more health, enemies teleport, malaise added.

You can check out the full patch notes on the Dead Cells website.

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