Depression Quest Becomes First Twine Game On Steam

Zoe Quinn's Twine game "Depression Quest" the first of its kind to be offered on Steam.
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Depression Quest, a game by designer Zoe Quinn, has become the first Twine game ever released on Steam. The game is an interactive experience about the effects of dealing with depression, where the player experiences the world through the lens of someone suffering through the disorder. 

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What is Twine? Twine is a game development software that allows users to create text based games, including some great Twine games like Crystal Warrior Ke$ha and queers in love at the end of the world. The medium is innovative and diverse, and it’s ease of use lends itself to experimentation. (Full disclosure: I’m an amateur Twine developer). A common issue for Twine developers in the past has been monetization, with few developers being able to charge money for their work. Depression Quest will be offered on Steam for the same price it is offered elsewhere: free.

Depression Quest was one of 50 games Greenlight this week, including former iOS app Breach and Clear as well as zombie apocalypse farming game Farm Your Life

Unfortunately, a lot of people became aware of Depression Quest after its developer Zoe Quinn was targeted for harassment because she is a woman. In response to comments about how the harassment and the surrounding media attention ultimately landed her on Steam, Quinn tweeted

Either way, Depression Quest making it through the Steam Greenlight process successfully is a major milestone for Twine and it’s developers. 

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