Depression Quest Dev Faces Extreme Harassment Because She's a Woman

Depression Quest developer called a slut for submitting a game to Steam Greenlight because she's a woman.

Note: Possible trigger warning if you are uncomfortable with hate speech. 

Zoe Quinn, developer of Depression Quest, is just trying to put her game through Steam Greenlight. It's a difficult process normally, but this is different. Why? Because for the SECOND time, Zoe Quinn is being excessively harassed by online users, reportedly from the site Wizardchan. 

How bad? She had to change her phone number because she was receiving sexually harassing phone calls. 

This is the second time Zoe Quinn has been the target for abuse, evidently being a woman is enough to get yourself attacked on the internet with such illuminating quotes as: 

All females are sluts and have no right to be depressed. They can just go onto the street, lie down with their hole open and have a man come and solve all of their problems. But they would still be depressed because they're all just stupid whores.

She is the one responsible. Of course a woman would never relate to anyone here. She would never be with a truly depressed person. Can someone mail her a rant or a link to this thread? God I hate that ****

Quinn has been harassed before after putting up Depression Quest on Greenlight, and wrote that this "raid" -- where users inundate her with abuse -- was an "accepted risk" and that "this will continue to be the cost for me to stay in games." 

In the wake of the attention Wizardchan is getting over their harassment, they have implemented a rule about "no generic venting threads about women." Wizardchan is, no joke, a board for lifelong male virgins. 

This implemented policy change has resulted in several more fantastic comments about how:

We should be able to piss on women as much as we want for all of the pain they've caused us. 

Women are trash and we should be able to talk about them openly and honestly.

I'm not going to say that "not all men are like this," or alternatively "not all Wizardchan members are like this." That goes without saying. But this shouldn't be the price of doing business on the Internet. A developer shouldn't be getting attacked simply because she is female, which is why the attack happened to begin with. 

Depression Quest is a game that seeks to spread awareness and understanding for those affected by depression. You can find more about the game here or on Steam

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Published Dec. 16th 2013
  • Sanbarrabas
    You are one of the reasons gaming journalism is the utter garbage is has become. Get caught writing ill informed/researched and biased reports, no worry just claim it was "fact" back then. Never mind that anyone with a brain could figure out those claims of "harassment" smelled more than a little fishy and only sounded legitimate if you blindly listed to one side of the story with out stopping to look at all the evidence.
  • Amanda Wallace
    Former Staff Editor
    Ah, you're under the impression that I don't support these statements almost a year after the fact.

    While I perhaps wouldn't have used all caps on the word second, I do stand by my reporting. You can argue my bias, but my researching on this article was solid.
  • bb_4419
    So...has she munched your carpet too?
  • McHunt_3553
    This article is a load of total bullshit.
    Check your facts before you write.
  • Amanda Wallace
    Former Staff Editor
    This article was well researched and fact checked when it was published, in December of last year. I believe you have confused this with an article about the current situation, which it is not.
  • Jason E
    Apparently either the writer ignored the facts or didn't do any research as to why. Typical of bullshit feminists.
  • Amanda Wallace
    Former Staff Editor
    So I think you've confused this for an article about the current situation regarding Zoe Quinn. This is not about that. This article is about the situation from last year wherein Zoe was harassed after putting up her game on Greenlight. This article was well researched when it was published, in December of last year.
  • sharky_8987
    This is either the most terribly researched or most bias article I have read in regards to this whole thing.
  • Amanda Wallace
    Former Staff Editor
    I believe you have confused this for an article about the current situation. This article was well researched when it was posted in December of last year.
  • Reed_8390
    Many users confirmed that Wizardchan had no involvement in the "hacking" or any sort of lies concocted by Zoe Quinn. Yes the comments coming from users on there are often misogynistic, but who has the right to change any of that? Let them get together and speak about what they want freely. Noone should shove views down anyone's throats, even if a person's mindset is deemed "hateful" by other people. Also, Phil Fish who has non-stop been defending Zoe on Twitter has accused many different websites such as Reddit, Tumblr and 4chan for "hacking" and releasing 1.5GB of company information from Cloudshare. This is undoubtedly false as it is nearly impossible to hack Cloudshare by any DDoS attempt, and the time frame between the alleged "attack" and Phil Fish's status claiming information has been released is IMPOSSIBLE to be carried out because you cannot release 1.5GB worth of information freely over the internet in a mere 20 seconds. Please do not associate yourself with these pathological liars. If you really care about women, then why not fight for truly oppressed women such as Malala Yousafzai and Meriam Yahia Ibrahim?
  • Amanda Wallace
    Former Staff Editor
    I don't know the specifics of Phil Fish's hacking situation. It's actually also completely irrelevant to the article is about the initial controversy from December of last year.

    Why am I not talking about Malala Yousafzai or Meriam Yahia Ibrahim? Probably because I'm an entertainment writer, and they are slightly out of my purview (unless someone has made a game about them.) Their situations, while dire and important, do not invalidate the struggles and situations other people go through because they are women. They are just different levels of the same overall problem.
  • Tommy_2407
    I was appalled back when I read this, but with this new information coming to light, it's clear that she lied about this all for attention (and to promote her shitty game).

    That woman is basically a fucking sociopath.
  • Amanda Wallace
    Former Staff Editor
    I've kept fairly up to date with the information, and having met Zoe I would argue that she's actually a rather pleasant person rather than an alleged sociopath.

    If you have any direct evidence, feel free to share it with me.
  • Mike_3507
    ignore the fact that shes a dumb lying whore. I would never support things from people like her
  • Amanda Wallace
    Former Staff Editor
    I'm not going to click on a link with the words "dumb lying whore" in front of it. No matter your stance, using sexually charged insults to power your point is as ridiculous as it is pointless.

    As a related note, we are in a wonderfully progressive time where whoever Zoe decides to sleep with is her own business.
  • blam_8296
    she pretty much lied about all of this
  • Cat_9457
    A bunch of 30 year old Elliot Rodgers in the making.
  • J_3079
    Doing good adds meaning to life.
  • ShayneO
    Ugh. As a dude I hate it when I see this stuff. I'd really like to think my 'bros' woudnt be such mouthbreathing inbreds as to behave like this, but it seems all too common (Witness the horrifying harrasment against Anita Sarkesian for the terrible crime of pointing out women characters in games are one dimensional and crappy). Come on fellas, do you want women in this field or not? Is not, at least be honest about it so I can defriend you on facebook. If you do want women in the field like most sane adults, QUIT BEING INFANTILE ASSHOLES.
  • Rothalack
    Master O' Bugs
    Isn't the internet fun lol.
  • Germ_the_Nobody
    I just don't understand. How do two kids (that I read about, probably/hopefully more) get arrested for threatening to kill another gamer in League of Legends or Runescape or whatever but this kind of thing is allowed to happen. Catch these people! I think jail might be a bit excessive but something needs to be done. Take away their internet access for a year. Monitor their phone calls. Something.

    I still blame bad parenting for anybody that can say things like that.
  • Katy Hollingsworth
    Former Staff Editor
    Well, probably because the kid who made that statement was reported to the police. The chances of the developer reporting this to police are low, though she could slam them with sexual assault charges, stalking, harrassment, etc.

    Most of these 'crimes' go unpunished because no one reports them.

    The same thing happens with conventions--a woman is touched by a man she doesn't know and hasn't consented, but instead of going to the police to file sexual assault charges, or assault, or SOMETHING, she goes to convention security, which are usually no more than mall cops, and then writes an angry article about it.

    I'm pretty sure that people think these things don't reserve REAL, LEGAL punishment, but eff that. Call the cops on these assholes. Internet babies tend to think they're above the law and nothing will happen to them. I'm sure being summoned to court or being charged with something would wake them up.
  • Ryan Kerns
    Featured Columnist
    Okay key piece of advice to Amanda and every GameSkinny person on this article... DO NOT FEED THE TROLLS. Having articles written about this and commenting "how terrible they are" is exactly what they want.

    I was a webcomic artist for quite a few years and after my readership broke 1 million, I faced similar attacks... raids on my forum... nasty emails, etc. This was one of my kinder reviews-

    I never once acknowledged them in the comic, I simply deleted and banned those trying to cause trouble in the forums... and eventually they got bored and moved on to the next target.

    We don't have the power to change their minds and this kind of behavior is linked to much deeper personal problems or even mental disorders... the best thing to do is just pretend they don't even exist.
  • Amanda Wallace
    Former Staff Editor
    1) I don't view them as trolls. Trolls don't believe what they're saying and 2) I've been attempting polite discourse. You'll notice in one of my comments above that I explain how you shouldn't make fun of them, talk about their virginity as a point of humor because it's inappropriate.
  • Patheticvirgin
    Can you leave us alone? We had nothing to do with your stupid game.
  • Michael22_8752
    Terrible things from people who can't see past their selfishness. Should never happen to happen just cause she's female
  • neckbeardsperglord
    Wizardchan user here.

    It is false, totally false, to claim that we were involved in any harassment. There is no evidence to suggest we did anything (two posts that you keep quoting isn't evidence), and there is plenty of evidence to suggest that 4chan boards /b/, /v/, and /pol/ were involved in harassment. Zoe only knew of the Wizardchan thread and blamed us.

    We really don't care what you normies think, but at least get your facts straight and for G-d's sake don't attempt to post on the website.
  • Amanda Wallace
    Former Staff Editor
    is the content of the posts I referenced (and I tried to be fair to the content overall because I saw level headed posts as well) acceptable to you?
  • Capt. Eliza Creststeel
    No one should have tolerate hate, especially at such juvenile levels but defy the haters because it's ALL THEY HAVE.

    I believe the Japanese used to say the best revenge was to simply out live your enemies.
  • Amanda Wallace
    Former Staff Editor
    I believe that making fun of someone or making generalizations about them because they are virgins is, while not as bad as harassing someone about their gender (one of these things is, after all, can be a choice), still unacceptable.
  • Ryan Kerns
    Featured Columnist
    Not an isolated incident either... similar things happened when Mighty No.9 got a female community manager this week-

    Incredibly ignorant and insensitive people play video games too apparently...

    Oh... and on the flip side of the coin, don't forget Phil Fish cancelled Fez II and quit the games industry altogether after being harassed too much online. It's not only women being targeted.
  • Coatedpolecat
    Featured Correspondent
    Phil Fish didn't have to change his phone number. But yes it goes both ways.

    Ignorant dumb things were said to fish about his personal and professional choices. Again dumb hurtful unnecessary comments. That nobody should have to ever put up with.

    But the tone of those statements weren't about how he's incapable simply because he has a penis.

    They attacked both women (the one of this article and the one younmentiones) including the lady from bioware to the same extent. Changing your phone number, your route to pick up your child, that's not okay.

    If there are males going through this, then they need to speak up, but I doubt that's happening.
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