Destiny 2's update 2.7.1 included an unexpected bug that caused rare materials to disappear from player inventories.

Destiny 2 Goes Offline to Fix Missing Materials After Latest Patch

Destiny 2's update 2.7.1 included an unexpected bug that caused rare materials to disappear from player inventories.
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The Destiny 2 2.7.1 update today brought some unexpected  and unwelcomed changes in addition to the standard fixes and tweaks. Turns out that downloading the patch causes materials such as ascendant shards, glimmer, and enhancement prisms to disappear from players inventories. 

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In particular, all glimmer seems to be gone for affected players, while other materials are seeing random reductions. Bungie has since taken the game offline to test a fix for the problem as the development crew tries to return the missing materials to player inventories.

While a new update on the progress is expected shortly, we don’t have an ETA on when the hotfix will actually go live.

Update 2.7.1. was intended to change how often randomized dialog is played, improve notification performance and reduce frame rate drops in specific areas, as well as fixed several improper damage effects. 

A list of the biggest changes can be found below. For the latest updates direct from Bungie on the downtime, head over to the Twitter help page here.

Aside from the missing materials bug that is currently being fixed, here are the major updates that came with the Destiny 2 2.7.1 patch today:

Pit Of Heresy

  • Improved performance issues in the Chamber of Suffering encounter
  • Fixed an issue where players could die when transitioning from the Necropolis encounter to the Tunnels of Despair.
  • Fixed an issue where players could get out of the environment in the Tunnels of Despair.

Garden Of Salvation

  • Improved a performance issue that could occur when chunks of land return, or are removed during the Sanctified Mind encounter.
  • Improved the visual indication for when a tether source hub is on or off.
    Added text notification when a Vex sacrifices on a relay.

Nightfall: The Ordeal

  • Reduced weekly completions needed to bring it in line with other challenges.
  • Players now need three completions on Adept, two completions on Hero, or one completion on Legend or Master.


  • Fixed an issue in which Roaring Flames was buffing Solar Weapon Damage while standing in a Well of Radiance.
  • Fixed an issue in which Sunbreaker Titans were able to self-heal by bouncing a Throwing Hammer off a wall.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Warlocks from using Blink after switching weapons or cancelling sprint.
  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause the Sunbreaker Titan’s Mortar Blast to deal little to no damage.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed Sunbreaker Titans to gain stacks of Roaring Flames by destroying Telesto projectiles.
  • Increased the Sunbreaker Titan’s Mortar Blast damage by 70 percent in PvE.

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