Bungie adds Trials of Osiris multiplayer mode to Destiny's standard PvP playlist.

Destiny Brings Elimination to Standard PvP

Bungie adds Trials of Osiris multiplayer mode to Destiny's standard PvP playlist.

Destiny players can now search for Elimination lobbies in standard player-vs-player matchmaking, according to a recent announcement from Bungie. The decision follows community requests to change up Trials of Osiris, the endgame PvP mode added with the House of Wolves expansion.

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Until now, gamers could only play Elimination during the Trials of Osiris weekly event, which runs Thursday through Sunday. The 3v3 game mode allows high-level fireteams to compete in first-to-five matches on a single map each week. Like the Iron Banner events, Trials of Osiris gives power advantages to players with higher weapon and armor ratings.

Requests from the Destiny community to modify Trials of Osiris included allowing matchmaking, map rotation, and daily play. The new Elimination playlist comes with all of these features plus skill-matching based on Crucible statistics. It also removes the power advantages, bringing the game type in-line with other standard PvP modes.

Destiny players who enjoy PvP should play Elimination while they can. Bungie is calling its new addition “temporary,” but it’s possible the game mode will make recurring Crucible appearances, à la Salvage. What do you think: will Elimination become a regular playlist, or is Bungie just giving Destiny players some practice space?

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