The classic Destroy All Humans sets its sites on Nintendo Switch this June.

Destroy All Humans Probes Nintendo Switch This Summer

The classic Destroy All Humans sets its sites on Nintendo Switch this June.

THQ Nordic is scaling its plans for world domination down to handheld size with Destroy All Humans! Remake for Nintendo Switch. The remake of the cult-classic lands on Switch on June 29, 2021, and includes all the skins previously released for the game. That’s all DLC and the anal probe for just $39.99.

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There’s also the Crypto-137 Edition, which includes Crypto-137 figurine, a Crypto backpack, keychain, six lithographs, an anti-stress toy, plus a premium box for $399.99. The DNA Edition includes a Crypto’N’Cow figurine, keychain, six lithographs, anti-stress toy, and a premium box for $139.99.

Destroy All Humans follows an alien invader on a mission to harvest human DNA and destroy the nation’s government, with a side helping of lasering cows and pretty much anything else that gets in the way. It’s an open world action game blending stealth with modern destruction physics.

We said it was cumbersome when it released on other platforms, though there’s still fun to be had for those who want to re-live the classic game and aren’t bothered by its dated design.

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