Diablo 4 to Allow Skill Selection via Elective Mode

Diablo 4 will launch with Diablo 3's Elective Mode, thank goodness.

Diablo 4 will launch with Diablo 3's Elective Mode, thank goodness.
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Were you worried Diablo 4 was going to lock skills to certain buttons or keys like Diablo 3 does by default? Well, worry no more, friend: Diablo 4 is confirmed to have Elective Mode, just as its predecessor does.

Diablo 3‘s Elective Mode disables the game’s default binding of skills to set buttons, which allows players to set particular skills to certain buttons. Considering how the default system restricts build customization, Elective Mode is a must-have for ARPG players at large.

It’s a bit of a surprise in itself that Blizzard are bringing back Diablo 3‘s restrictive skill system by default, which is sort of the antithesis of what people play ARPGs for: Flexibility, customization, and the ability to make dozens of enemies explode with the tap of a couple keys or buttons.

Unlike its predecessor, Diablo 4 will be launching with Elective Mode available. Yet one of a whole pile of improvements from the third game’s release. Most excitingly, Blizzard promises the return of Diablo 2-style character customization in the fourth game.

Diablo 4 is still a long ways off from release, with no release window set just yet. Though, we do know that Blizzard plans to release the game on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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