Dig that Party Groove: Luigi’s Mansion 3’s Multiplayer DLC is Out Now

Part One of Luigi's Mansion 3's DLC brings mini-games, ScreamPark practice, and some psychedelic costumes.
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Luigi’s Mansion 3 received its first big content update today. It adds Part One of the game’s two-part multiplayer DLC, fixes some bugs, and introduces a few other updates to the green ghost catcher’s third outing.

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First up is the main attraction, Luigi’s Mansion 3‘s multiplayer DLC. If you’re heading into the ScareScraper, you’ll see some new costumes added to Luigi’s wardrobe. There’s Mummigi, the mummy outfit, The Green Knight suit of armor, and Groovigi, a 70s disco outfit with matching wig that looks disturbingly at home on Luigi. These each get a matching ScareScraper floor and ghosts.

The DLC update is also bringing three new ScreamPark games. First is Dodgebrawl, which is dodgeball using the Poltergust G-00. River Bank is a Mario Party-style minigame where you rush about on pool floaties, picking up coins as they cascade down the waterfall and avoiding obstacles along the way.

Finally is the Tricky Ghost Hunt, where you… well, you hunt ghosts. But the big difference between this and normal ghost hunting is that you have to avoid electrified tiles in the process.

The update also lets you try ScreamPark games on your own, without playing with others. It’s billed as practice mode, but at least it’s something for the solo players out there since Luigi’s Mansion 3 single-player DLC won’t be happening. There’s also an album that lets you listen to selections from the Luigi’s Mansion 3 soundtrack.

The update is live now, with part two expected sometime in July. You can check out the full patch notes on the official Nintendo support website as well.

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