Dimension Drive Kickstarter Finally Funded

The Dimension Drive Kickstarter is gaming's Little-Crowdfund-That-Could.

The Dimension Drive Kickstarter is gaming's Little-Crowdfund-That-Could.

Three weeks after a troll sunk their Kickstarter campaign, 2Awesome Studio has secured full funding for Dimension Drive. On May 13th, with only a few hours left in its crowdfunding effort, 2Awesome Studio received a single donation of the €7,000 needed to reach its €30,000 goal. Kickstarter discovered the generous offer was fraudulent with only 31 minutes to go. Dimension Drive failed to make up for the troll in time, and the development crew received nothing but heartache.

At the time, it seemed possible that 2Awesome Studio would abandon the project. The team persevered, however, and the Dimension Drive Kickstarter relaunched on May 18th, less than a week after its first incarnation was derailed. In under 24 hours, the campaign was halfway towards meeting its goal.

At the time of this writing, Dimension Drive has over one thousand backers and has exceeded its financial goal by over €3,400. If given €2,500 more, 2Awesome Studio promises Dimension Drive will have two-player co-op and PvP. Given the outpouring of support the developer has received so far, we’re pretty sure that won’t be a difficult goal to reach. The Dimension Drive Kickstarter ends on June 17th.

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