The iconic DJ is heartbroken he won't be in Fallout 4

DJ Three-Dog won’t be in Fallout 4

The iconic DJ is heartbroken he won't be in Fallout 4
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The iconic Voice of the Wasteland, Galaxy News Radio’s Three Dog, will not be in Fallout 4.

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Three-Dog voice actor Erik Todd Dellums has seemingly confirmed that he won’t be in the game in a series of tweets, as seen below. 

The news of Dellums absence from the game comes as quite a surprise considering his tweets were some of the first hints of Fallout 4 we ever got. In 2013, he teased that Three-Dog may be returning in the near future and went on to say that his tweet was officially sanctioned by Bethesda, leading to further confusion as to why he would ultimately be excluded.

The official timeline of Fallout 4 is pretty confusing at this point, it’s said to take place after Fallout 3, so in theory Three-Dog could still be alive and his show could be heard in the Commonwealth. However, Fallout 4 looks to be a lot more technologically advanced than its predecessor, so you have to assume it’s a good bit further in time. It also stands to reason that Bethesda may want radio DJs centered in the Commonwealth, it just fits better.

And, of course, maybe it didn’t want to include any characters from previous games because gamers may have just put a bullet in Three-Dog the moment they met him, thus killing some players’ personal continuity.

Maybe Bethesda will issue a statement at some point in the near future, explaining the reason for Three-Dog’s absence. Regardless, we can all mourn the loss of the great DJ by listening to his show one last time.

Dellum’s comments come just after Bethesda revealed the voice-recording process for Fallout 4 was completed and that the games featured more dialogue than Fallout 3 and Skyrim combined!

Fallout 4 launches on November 10th, the same day as Rise of the Tomb Raider (insert death toll). Until then, stay tuned to GameSkinny for all the news of Fallout, video games and the happenings in the Wasteland!

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