Doom Eternal New Weapon Mod System Shreds Demons in New Gameplay

An enhanced weapon mod system is more heavily utilized in Doom Eternal to find specific weaknesses for each type of demonic enemy.

An enhanced weapon mod system is more heavily utilized in Doom Eternal to find specific weaknesses for each type of demonic enemy.
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With just under two months until the March 20 release of Doom Eternal on PC (Steam), PS4, Xbox One, and Stadia, IGN has released a new video showcasing the shooter’s weapon mods and Praetor suit upgrades. 

The gameplay clip features Doom Eternal Game Director Hugo Martin discussing adding two mods per gun with IGN’s James Duggan. It’s part of the publication’s month-long exclusive series on the id developed and Bethesda published shooter. 

In particular, we see the awesome sticky bomb mod for targeting enemy weak points, a heat blast mod used to destroy shields, and the arbalest mod to take out flying demons more easily. All of these make the Doom Slayer arsenal that much more robust than the one found in Doom (2016).

This time around, it seems the developers hope players will find different weaknesses for various demonic creatures and frequently swap out mods, bringing greater variety to Eternal‘s gameplay. 

Lastly, we also get a brief look at the game’s mastery system, which allows weapon mods to be upgraded by completing in-game challenges.

Check out the clip above to see everything in action, which, of course, also includes some brutal dismemberment and execution moves on staggered demons. 

While Doom Eternal is due to hit the Stadia, Xbox One, PS4, and PC on March 20, the Nintendo Switch port will be coming out later in 2020. While Doom Eternal won’t have co-op, it will feature a unique take on multiplayer, where two players control demons and one controls Doom Guy. 

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Are you planning on picking up the sequel to Doom 2016, and what do you think of the updated weapons mod system? Sound off below, and stay tuned to GameSkinny for more news on Doom Eternal ahead of the official release date!

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