The Dota Major Championships are a series of four 'marquee' tournaments starting in Fall 2015.

Dota 2 Getting 4 Annual Championships

The Dota Major Championships are a series of four 'marquee' tournaments starting in Fall 2015.
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Valve isn’t in everyone’s good graces currently, with a paid-for mods system on the Skyrim Steam Workshop (which isn’t all doom and gloom) being implemented, but Dota 2 fans have something to look forward to. Valve has announced three more annual Dota 2 tournaments. These will go alongside The International, which means there will be four annual championships, aptly named The Dota Major Championships.

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The four tournaments will follow our very own lovely seasons, starting in Fall/Autumn and ending with a larger event in Summer — any takers on it being The International? They are touted as “marquee tournaments.”

The tournaments will be sponsored by Valve, hosted by third-party organizations, and will be international (pun intended).

This comes from Valve’s willingness to help make professional Dota 2 more structured, with a more stable roster for the teams. The hope is to have major focal points for fans to get excited about throughout the season.

The International will soon have its invited teams announced, but this will be after next week, when The International Compendium is released. Alongside this, Dota 2 will receive a “major balance update.”

Expect more details about the Fall/Autumn tournament as we edge closer to that season.

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