DreadOut 2 Release Date, More Ghostly Camera Combat Confirmed

Fans of Fatal Frame and PS2-era survival horror can officially rejoice: DreadOut 2 has a confirmed Steam release date.
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Schoolgirls can never catch a break in the horror realm, and the smartphone-wielding Linda is in for more terror as DreadOut 2 is now confirmed for a February 20 release date. 

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Indonesian mythology will once again collide with camera-focused horror mechanics, although this time we can expect more of a non-linear experience than what’s found in DreadOut.

The Digital Happiness development team commented on the surprise news, saying:

[DreadOut 2 is] a unique take on third-person action-adventure survival horror injected with Indonesian supernatural culture. Gameplay is a mix of city exploration, DreadOut-style smartphone ghost hunting, and new action-packed battles within DreadOut‘s supernatural world.

Even though [it] is a horror game at heart, with its touch of silly high school problems, satirical social commentary, and touchy, yet memorable moments, DreadOut 2 is a fresh take on the survival horror genre.


A cellphone captures a creepy image of a white angel-like being in DreadOut 2.

Whether it’s “fresh” or not remains to be seen, but those interested can wishlist DreadOut 2 on Steam. Even though the team shared this release date news, the game’s Steam page still hasn’t been updated with the new info or a price.

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