7 games that capture the feel of PSX & PS2 era survival horror

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Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Clock Tower, Siren, Rule Of Rose, Fatal Frame, Galerians: the golden age of survival horror games has sadly faded away. The style has been over saturated by jump scares and become something completely different with the more action-oriented Resident Evil titles lately.

Games like Outlast are defining the horror genre right now and while they may be about survival over fighting, they really aren't in the same vein as the classic definition of ”survival horror” coined back in the PS1 days and then further refined on the PS2.

What specifically is survival horror then? What we're talking about here involves bad camera angles, limited saves, wonky controls, puzzle-solving, limited resources/ammo hoarding, and monster avoidance along with claustrophobic and tense atmospheres.

Any given game might lack one or two of those (particularly as gameplay improves over the years and certain elements become obsolete), but overall we want all of that together to evoke the feel of classic survival horror gaming.

Published Oct. 31st 2016

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