Dying Light: The Following 16 minute gameplay trailer + new info

IGN's Gav Murphy and Dying Light Producer Tymon Smektala guide viewers through the first 16 minutes of The Following's gameplay.
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In an expansion for Dying Light coming out February 9th, players will get away from the big city and enter the beautiful countryside to face off against hordes of terrible zombies. 

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In a recent YouTube video upload (as seen above), IGN posted the first 16 minutes of gameplay from the upcoming DLC: The Following. Along for the gameplay/commentary was Tymon Smektala, producer of the expansion. Luckily for us, Tymon is excited to divulge tons of new information during the video.

For more detail you can view the gameplay for yourselves, but the highlights are:

  • The new map is said to be just as large as the original game, adding around 20 hours of extra play time. 
  • Dying Light: The Following is for players who are good at the original game. This time around there will be more of a challenge. Zombies are “more aggressive” in The Following.
  • A new difficulty setting will be introduced: Nightmare mode.
  • The game is completely non-linear. Missions can be completed (or not) in any desired order.
  • The Following is still focused on natural movement and parkour. New ways to get around will be available.
  • The game can be played from beginning to end in four player co-op.
  • Crossbow. Enough said.

The expansion is available on your system’s respective online retailer on February 9th, 2015.

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