E3 2014: No Man’s Sky, The Most Ambitious Game I’ve Ever Seen

Everything we know about the most ambitious sci-fi game I have ever seen.
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During SONY’s keynote at E3, a trailer was shown that truly blew my mind. Not only is it a science fiction geeks’ dream game, but it is also one of the most ambitious games I have ever seen. All this from an extremely small indie developer called Hello Games.

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Originally announced at VGX 2013, No Man’s Sky is a science fiction game that is set in a truly infinite procedurally generated universe. That’s right, and by universe I mean universe. If you can see it you can go there. Be it the mountain on the planet you are currently on or the new world you see in the sky. If you see a star in the night sky, you can travel there and all without a loading screen.

I have been playing space flight games for a long time and for the first time that I know of you can get into your ship, aim up, and just fly out into the atmosphere and into space. No other game of this kind has done what No Man’s Sky is doing.

Three coders and an artist working in a modest Guildford studio have suddenly found themselves creating one of the most talked-about games in the entire industry.
– Edge, Edge Online

Every player who plays No Man’s Sky starts off on their own unique planet. You then can explore other uncharted worlds, find ancient artifacts to trade for better ships and equipment, or catalogue unique lifeforms.

You can choose to share all of your findings with everyone else playing because every player is exploring the universe in parallel with each other. Be careful exploring however, because every victory or defeat is permanent.

No Man’s Sky will make its console debut on the Playsation 4. Whether that means it is a permanent exclusive or a timed one remains to be seen. I, for one, will purchase a Playstation 4 if the former is true.

Yes, I was THAT impressed with the idea and scope of this title that I will shell out for a PS4 if that is my only option to play this game. As someone was has read and admired the works of Asimov and Heinland, (whose works were inspirations for this game) to be able to play a game that embodies their visions of strange new worlds is truly exciting. This game is very ambitious and I cannot wait to play a game that is truly without limits.

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