EA Shutting Down Three Facebook Games

EA to shut down 3 Facebook titles, things not looking too good for the giant publisher.
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Say it ain’t so.

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I’m not into Facebook games myself. Except for Pawn Stars, for purely masochistic reasons. I tend to find them to be not so much games as cunningly disguised money eaters. But people love them, as they make a great way to kill a few minutes on the phone or at home.

Recently, EA has been having a lot of troubles, and the repercussions have been grossly evident. One of those repercussions is the shutdown of three Facebook titles. The Sims Social, SimCity Social, and Pet Society are all being discontinued.  EA says they will continue to support other titles, but I feel this is telling.

EA seems to be doing everything in their power to cut their losses, and when you can’t afford to keep a couple of Facebook games going, I feel that’s really saying something about your situation. Having to deal with their settlement and refunds over the popular Madden series, and winning another Golden Poo sure isn’t helping.

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