Early Reports of Xbox One Grinding and Possibly Eating Game Discs

The Xbox One has only been out less than a day and defective units have started to surface.

Redmond, we have a problem. Today marks the official launch of Microsoft’s third home gaming console, the Xbox One, and it seems to have a very expensive taste for snacks. A small amount of units are making a terrible grinding sound when a disc is inserted in the drive.

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Now, for many of us (myself included), this conjures up bad memories of the red ring of death. This follows in the wake of Sony having a 1% hardware failure rate for the PlayStation 4, however they’ve already jumped on getting those replaced.

So now… watch in terror… I suggest if you have young children, either advert their gaze or have them leave the room.

That horrible symphony of fail is exactly why I am not an early adopter for new electronics (especially those with a very high initial product run). Various news outlets have been contacting Microsoft for some kind of official response… but considering the system has only been on sale for a couple hours, they have not made a statement in the matter. 

UPDATE: looks like the Microsoft support forums are lit up like a Christmas tree… you got some ‘splainin to do. 

GameSkinny will keep you updated with these issues as they continue to develop (in between playing their system that runs just fine). Let the console wars commence! 

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