Electronic Arts Releases Titanfall’s New Companion App

Titanfall's companion app released today creating a storm of...non-excitement?
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Titanfall was the best-selling game for the months of March and April according to The NPD Group. The sales were for the Xbox One and Xbox 360 versions and now the companion app for Titanfall released today. 

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EA released the app for free today on Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices. 

The app includes a full-size interactive map that provides a view of the scoreboard – easily one of the best features of the app. Other features include intel on the game’s back story, levels, weapons, modes, and even some tips for gameplay. 


There are a lot of mixed reviews online about this app especially in regards to the size of the app. It comes in at a whopping 615 MB on iOS, 612 MB on Android, and 711 MB on Windows Phones.

For a companion app this is a pretty hefty download, when other apps such as Battlefield 4 Commander only came in at 560 MB for their app which arguably has more useful content and function. PlayStation 4’s companion app is only 9.2 MB and I don’t really see any reason for Titanfall’s app to need so much more space, even full-blown game apps don’t usually run that high. 


No PC/Origin Support 

Another reason the app is not so exciting for many users is that it’s only available to use with Xbox One, for now there is no PC/Origin support which cuts a big chunk of its fan base out. 

Have you played Titanfall with its companion app? Do you find it useful or just a waste of phone/device space?

The Titanfall Companion App is available to downloaded through the Google Play Store, iTunes, and Windows Phone Store. 

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