EVE is Hard: TTP Cannon, Ship Interiors and Gold Members

CCP Guard pumps his fellow EVE developers for juicy details about what they'll be doing together in the Summer.
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As the excitement rises and EVE Online developers teasingly release spurts of information about the upcoming expansion, a few devblogs and tantalising videos were to be expected. Today CCP Games released the first, with a sneak preview of some of the planned features set to please both hardened veterans and softer players alike.

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In the video, an assortment of CCP developers explain their unbridled, manly excitement for their own features and clearly enjoy showing them to others. The increasingly ginger-bearded Kristoffer ‘CCP Soundwave’ Touborg revisits his fearless past with some exciting new EVE/DUST payment options which will appeal to players who play in both camps. You may even end up a “gold member”.

CCP Luxus Lulli taks us through some new ships designed to increase the interaction between EVE Online pilots and DUST 514 mercenaries. New orbital bombardment ships will be designed to release their load onto unsuspecting Playstation 3 players.

A “futureproofing” initiative will see minimum specs raised to accommodate the best possible graphical experience, including spaceship interiors. These will not be visible initially, but I certainly look forward to seeing the fruits of CCP Bluescreen‘s two years of labour in bringing the taste of IKEA to EVE’s spaceships with a “master bedroom, en-suite toilet and a walk-in closet.”

There is no doubt that the hirsute gathering of spaceship manliness that is the imminent Fanfest will see the release more such glorious explosions of happy space joy.

I can’t wait.


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