Everquest Next Launches New Social Media Art Reveal!

Sony Online Entertainment updates the EverQuest Next website with a new social media campaign which includes a re-take on Keith Parkinson's original EverQuest art!
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Header image courtesy of: everquestnextfans.com

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[BREAKING] Just updated today is the website recently launched for Sony Online Entertainment’s EverQuest Next. The new title, set to be fully unveiled at SOE Live come August 2nd, has been kept locked away in a black box since our last look at it back in 2010. 

SOE is going back to their roots with a fantasy style produced for the original title by legendary artist Keith Parkinson. The website is set to unlock a new set of a the image as the media pages are “liked” or shared. It seems like the black box that contained EverQuest Next is starting to burst open. 

On July 23rd the Kerran wallpaper is suppose to be released but it seems we might have it a bit early courtesy of EverQuestNextFans.com

Just last month the title received two Best of Show awards from MMORPG.com and Ten Ton Hammer. John Smedley, SOE CEO, is calling it the “biggest sandbox ever created,” and the title is promising to shift our perception of MMORPGs and seamless worlds from a semi-linear experience to a world both created and conquered by the players within.

August 2nd couldn’t come fast enough!

Image Courtesy of EverquestNext.com


Original Keith Parkinson Artwork courtesy of KeithParkinson.com:


What are you most looking forward to in EverQuest Next? Is it a new take on combat, new adaptations for Roleplaying, or are you looking forward to the promised world creation?

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