Developer ROCKFISH Games has provided an update for Everspace 2, including planetary locations, ship devices, and more.

Everspace 2 Developer Update Showcases Planetary Locations, Ship Devices, More

Developer ROCKFISH Games has provided an update for Everspace 2, including planetary locations, ship devices, and more.
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Developer ROCKFISH Games has provided a look into further developments with the highly-anticipated Everspace 2, which is set to hit Early Access later this year.

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Despite the development team working from home, development is well underway. The team recently share new concept art for the game, as well as ship designs, ship devices, and planet locations.

Everspace 2 Ship Details

In a press release shared by the developer, four new ship designs have been unveiled: 

  • The Outlaw Viper: This ship is able to switch to a drone position, unraveling its armor to unleash devastating scatterguns.
  • The Carrier: This ship is low-mobility, but it is able to release an array of fighters and drones to assist it in battle. It also contains a strong security system that prevents sabotage.
  • Outlaw Dreadnaught: This beast of a ship is heavily armored and packs a powerful arsenal of barrel bombs and plasma-thrower turrets. Players will have to fly inside it to take it down.
  • The Colonial Light Cruiser: This is a slick ship that can sneak through space with its stealth mode, equipped with rapid-firing rail gun turrets and EMP bombs.

The update also explained how ROCKFISH is working to vary ship design in Everspace 2. To prevent a sea of generic-looking ships, the team is expanding the designs for primary- and sub-ship classes, making each variant easy to distinguish for players.

Additionally, thanks to new modeling and texturing techniques, ships will look sharper inside and out. Adding to that, players will have the ability to customize ships to their liking through a range of color decals.

Everspace 2 Ship Devices & Device Modes

ROCKFISH has also expanded the way player progression works in Everspace 2, through ship devices and device modes. Now, once devices have been discovered, they will remain unlocked for players, and they can be used when the player wishes to use them.

There’s also the inclusion of device modes, which are passive abilities that can further upgrade devices. To unlock these upgrades, the player must level up or complete missions to unlock special tokens, which in turn, allow the player to customize their loadout to their playstyle.

Everspace 2 Planet Locations

It’s also been revealed that a small amount of hand-crafted of explorable planets will be included in Everspace 2 in an effort to expand the story and provide some large-scale set-pieces. 

The roguelike formula previously seen in the original Everspace has been dropped this time around, allowing ROCKFISH more control; it’s also created a more tailored experience for players against being a purely procedurally-generated world.

The full update can be seen here, which provides all the concept art for the ships and a look at some hi-res player ships. Also be sure to check out our Everspace 2 gameplay from Pax West to see the game in action.

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