Evil Genius 2’s Star Studded Voice Cast Steps Out From the Shadows

Evil Genius 2's voice cast includes some of the U.K.'s biggest stars of stage and screen.

Evil Genius 2's voice cast includes some of the U.K.'s biggest stars of stage and screen.
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Rebellion announced Evil Genius 2s primary voice cast, headlined by an unspeakable level of top-tier talent.

Samantha Bond will voice the former spymaster Emma in Evil Genius 2. Emma excels at staying behind the scenes and pulling the strings, but her endgame isn’t just ruling the world. It’s destroying the world and all its loathsome inhabitants.

Bond appeared on stage with the Royal Shakespeare Company, in films such as the Pierce Brosnan James Bond set, and on TV in Downtown Abbey, among other roles, though Evil Genius 2 marks Bond’s first foray into video game voiceovers.  She’s no stranger to Rebellion, however, and recently starred in their first film, School’s Out Forever.

Brian Blessed, another Royal Shakespeare Company veteran, notably voices Boss Nass in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, has the role of Red Ivan here. Ivan is a former henchmen turned evil mastermind who uses brute force to achieve his wicked ends.

Glen McCready splits his time between game voiceovers (Layers of Fear, Zombie Army 4) and appearing in award-winning films such as Above the Clouds. His skills head in a more iniquitous direction as the voice of Max in Evil Genius 2.

Rakie Ayola is the fourth dastardly mastermind, Zalika. Zalika is the classic evil scientist, using their deep knowledge of how the world works to bend it to their will. Zombie Army 4 fans might also recognize Ayola as Shola’s voice, but Ayola has a storied career as an award-winning actress on stage and in TV and film, including On Bear Ridge and Doctor Who

Evil Genius 2 releases March 30 for PC via Steam. Check out 10 minutes of the game in action if you haven’t already.

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