Experience Super Mario Bros. 1-1 As You’ve Never Seen It Before

The Super 1-1 Challenge game is an inspired re-creation of an iconic moment in gaming history.

The Super 1-1 Challenge game is an inspired re-creation of an iconic moment in gaming history.

It’s March 10, which means it’s Mar10Day, also known as the easier to read Mario Day. While Nintendo’s own Mario Day sales are a trifle lackluster this year, Gears Tactics lead level designer Sean Noonan has his own version of a Mario Day treat: a first-person, 3D remake of Super Mario Bros. World 1-1.

It’s available on Itch.io, accompanied by the above trailer that isn’t at all trying to be Noonan’s employment pitch to Nintendo. Aside from the trailer asking Nintendo to hire Noonan, though, it showcases the seriously impressive creation.

Naturally, it’s difficult to see a lot of resemblance between this and World 1-1, since 1-1 is 2D and fairly simplistic in design — hence Noonan saying this is his “interpretation” of it.

Apart from the Super Mario 3D Land-esque visuals and platforming, one thing that stands out is Mario’s attack method. On top of the usual jumping, he has a projectile weapon of some kind. While it’s not the gun first proposed in Super Mario Bros.’ initial planning phases, it is an interesting Easter egg-style callback to yesteryear.

It seems we’ve entered the season of re-imaginings as well, with Illumination Studios also working on their interpretation of Super Mario Bros. in the officially sanctioned Super Mario film set for 2020.

Head over to Itch if you’re interested in Noonan’s creation, and stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Super Mario Bros. news as it comes out of the warp pipe.

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