Mooders use ENB tool to inject new shader and rendering settings into Fallout 4's code; result is something akin to Borderlands-style graphics

Fallout 4 modders turn the Wasteland into the Borderlands

Mooders use ENB tool to inject new shader and rendering settings into Fallout 4's code; result is something akin to Borderlands-style graphics
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Fallout 4 has been out for about 2 months now, and whether you’re on the “Fallout 4 is the best game in history” or the “Fallout 4 is a disgrace to the series” side of things, you’re probably looking for the next mod to enhance the game. If, by chance, you are also a fan of Telltale Games’ Walking Dead or Gearbox Software’s Borderlands series, then you probably like the art style of those games. If that’s the case, then you just might be in luck. By using the ENB SweetFX injector, fans have successfully tweaked Fallout 4‘s settings to create something similar to a cell-shaded game!

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By changing the way the game renders graphics, fans have managed to recreate a style similar to that of the Borderlands series. However, the results may vary depending on the models and textures used in an area…

As seen in the image above, the models have been successfully changed in such a way that the game highlights characters and objects with a fine black line. While the results aren’t always perfect, it does create a somewhat cartoon-ish effect. To say that they are on the same level of games that are made in a cell-shaded style might be a tad extreme though, since character models won’t be sporting outlines on their facial structure or any other highly detailed areas.

City areas such as Goodneighbor (seen above) do look different from their standard appearance, however, the effect isn’t nearly as drastic as it is with models that have flatter textures.

It should be noted that anyone who wants to try this for themselves can do so by using the ReShade tool found here. The SweetFX wordpress page also gives you some examples of what maximising (or minimizing) various settings actually produces. The results are surprising since it isn’t just a simple matter of cranking the cartoon settings to maximum.

With just the right tweaks, the game can pull off something that looks like it was ripped right out of Borderlands (as seen above).

The ReShade tool can also be used on more games than just Fallout 4. If your life goal is to play every game out there in a Borderlands art style, then feel free to go all out. You can find a list of compatible games on the tool’s website or by following this direct link.

Remember: this is a PC mod. You cannot do this on console versions of the game. Also, it is not recommended to use injector tools like ReShade on multiplayer games. They are typically treated as hacking or cheating tools (as they arguably help a player get an advantage in seeing opponents) and so you will likely get banned.

What do you think of this tool? Are any of you tempted to use it? What games would you like to use ReShade on? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!

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